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im new to the gel  and im looking for a good one to work with thinking about SNC!!!!!!!is there anyone that use this to tell me an opinion please??????????

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SNC? Not familiar with that one. Just about any gel out there is good for one thing or another. After all, it is not what is the best product, it is what product works best for you.
I use OPI Axxium traditional gel to sculpt my base nail, but I use NSI Color and 3D Colors to do design work with. I find them very easy to work with. OPI cures with as little as a 9 watt lamp and is very sturdy for my uses. It also blends well with the other brand products that I use.
Their Brisa gel is a good, but is very proprietary and needs to use their light to cure and has a high incidence of "heat spikes".
I used to work with CND Brisa gel and unfortunately i was not happy at all and my clients as well... CND acrylics are really good, but with gel i was really disappointed...
I use IBD and i am happy happy happy... Really easy to work with...
I've recently tried's gel. So far, so good. I also have Tammy Taylor's soak-off UV gels. has a larger quantity for the price. Hope you find one that's good for you.
I ,use IBD it works whit anything!
I use IBD as well. I want to try a new one. I am thinking about Tammy Taylo ror CND. CND because I use their acrylic, but their lamp is just to expensive.
Will CND gels cure only with their lamp? What makes their lamp different?
their light is more expensive and I dont understand why. I have one that I purchased second hand . It has three 9 watt bulbs and you need to cure your fingers first and your thumbs separately to ensure proper curing. Also the fingers sit closer to the bulbs and there seems to be a higher incidence of heat spike. I have an Axiium light as well which only has two bulbs and thumbs need to be cured separately with that as well. I keep these lights at home for my private use. At the shop I have two LCN lights which have 4 9 watt bulbs and cures the whole hand at once which is what I would prefer. LCN also has a light with 1 bulb that I use for feet and some techs have used these successfully for all services.
I think as long as you have the proper wattage required to cure the product your using you should be fine. I would not recommend spending the extra money on a CND light
I use FPO lightbox..its very easy to work with,produces lovely durable nails which cure under any uv lamp and it works well with other brand products that I use. Another really nice gel is from LCN..I trained with their 3 phase system with really nice results.
this brand has only 3 phase system?????the LCN.....
No it has also 1 and 2 phase gels..Im not sure where you can buy it in Greece though..I never heard of EF gel before..


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