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For those of you who have konad and have mastered the technique I ask of you to please share any inside help that could help me with mine. I have an extremely difficult time centering my images. Nothing lines up for me. I have asked b4 directly and never heard back. So I ask again this time to ALL. Pro or not.

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hi sandy, i am only just getting the hang of using the konad plates.

to centre the designs i have marked the rubber stamp so i know where to aim it when placing it down on the nail.

hope this helps

shirlz x

Thank you Shirlz. I'll give that a try


Stamping is one of those things that requires practice...and more practice....and more....

Practice on paper, friends and family. You can only get better!

Keep spreading the Art!


Thank you Ana. 

You are most welcome! It's been awhile since I pulled out my plates and I remember them being tricky. And when all else fails...go for random, instead of perfection.

I make (what I would consider) a mistake on one of my 10 fingers with every design I do...but if you don't tell, no one knows!

In fact with my latest design (which I haven't published on the blog yet), I did one hand upside down! I just figured, one hand for you to enjoy and one hand for me to enjoy! It's all good!


Thank you:). I greatly appreciate your help
You're welcome. Please post upcoming designs so we can watch you progress.
Have fun!
The lining up is a bit tricky, I have way better luck doing it on myself then on other people.  I got my plates in from the Monster bundle a few weeks ago, I couldn't afford Konad, and have been stalking the husband every chance I get.  He sits down, I tag him, he is on the computer I plop in his lap and tag him.  The more I do it, the easier to use the stamper and to get a quick alignment.  I also have the Konad double sided stamp, the one big and one small.  I line it up with the tip and roll towards the cuticle.  My biggest issue was learning the right amount of pressure when scraping and just how quick you have to move if you are not using the Konad brand polish.  I can't swing 7 bucks per bottle right now so I am using thicker polishes of the much cheaper variety and other then a shortened time range for a succesful transfer there is really no difference that I am seeing so far.  Does this help?  My favorite designs for ease of transfer have got to be the full nail ones.  You get a clean straight edge that you line up with the side of your nail and just roll to the other side.
Sorry took so long..... Thank you Shirlz.


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