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Hi!  I'm just starting to do nail art and am so confused with the colored acrylic powders out there.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one they like best and why.  I would love any imput on this.  And do any of you purchase the pure pigment powders and mix ur own.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice.



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I have a lot of both. I really like Ezflow's colored powders for an off the shelf color, but I use a lot of pure pigment powders to custom mix colors. Just remember if you are using pigment powders that a little goes a very long way! Whereas you would mix glitter at a 3:1 ratio, pigment powders are more of a 8:1 ratio.
Thanks for the input.  I like the ASP brand acrylic and wanted to use that for mixing.  Will have to get online and get me some fun pigment powders!
OMG I have been calling my store for weeks waiting on them to get the Makover Pink in, I noticed that there isnt even a shelf tag for it anymore on the shelves. I think it's discontinued, Im waiting on them to check on that but im pretty sure it is :(
Then you should love Hand & Nail Harmony's Fusion Coverage Pink.
You should Try Cacee Powders I use them or Five Stars Powder


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