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I'm looking for a nice dramatic pink for the nail beds. All the ones i've tried have been too sheer and i recently bought Premium Nails "extreme pink" but its way too pink it almost looks red. Help?

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Have you tried Tammy Taylor??
My suggestion would be to find a nail artist who is using the pink you're looking for and ask her (or him) what they use. Good luck with your treasure hunt!

Do you mean a "dramatic" pink as in not realistic? Or do you just want something more opaque that you can not see through?  I like Creative's coverage pink--they have a custom blend line that you can use to build your own custom coverage colors for different people.

I use the Premium Nails Exteme pink and mix some clear in it to get the color I want. Comes out quite nice, you'll just have to adjust it to fit your needs.
o ill try that with my extreme pink :) thanks!!


something like nayda's or missy's



premium nails reg pink powder looks like that so try that or just mix with clear like another said i would use a 50/50 ratio :)

 i use a opaque pink from the color line and mix it with a real pink mask acrylic.. i use nsi acrylic and my color acrylic i got from hope this helped you out..


the way i do it does come out like the pictures you posted... nailsuperstore is a good site for color acrylic and the price is right :)

Tammy Taylor makes a variety of pinks you should be able to find what you're looking for.


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