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heyy everyone...ok i see that a number of people around now are getting the flare nails or other wise known as duck feet nails....i was wondering if anyone could give me some type of insight on how these are made...where i live, there is not many nail techs that do these...i know it would be a great style for me to pick there nail tips that you buy or do you sculpt please!!!!! i searched and searched online and found nothing but pictures....heres some pics i found on google...

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Although I've never done these, it would seem to me that the easiest way would be to sculpt them. I have never seen any tips that would work but you never know, they did come out with aqua-tips so they might find a way to make the duck-feet work with tips. Still, I think sculpting would be easier and less expense.
ty for the reply..yea you are right with the aqua tips i make my own tho instead of buying is time consuming a bit....but i realy do like the duck feet....i was thinking that sculpting would be the easiest ill have to try it...
check out lysa209 on youtube, most of her vids are on these nails. you can find the flare tips at
ooo nice thank you so much...ill deff check it out...
i have purchased the tips from znailsunlimed also and you can also flip your tips at application if they have a flare to them at the nailbed area.. just cut them down and flip them.. but .. yes sculpting them is really easy to do
i heard of the myself i just never tried the flip way....ill have to try it and let you know...
yep, flipping them the opposite way is the easiest way, but they must be curved nails like Lamour or it won't look right.
I know that Angela (Glitterfreak) is very proficient at these nails and she does a ton of them! She just uses tips that are larger than what she needs and cuts the sidewalls at an angle before glueing them on, then overlays.
What an ingenius way to do it! Thankyou for letting us know Claudia!
This is why I love coming here, you ladies are a huge wealth of knowledge!
what used to do ,i would turn a half well nail up side down and this will create the wide nail for the fan also make sure the nail fits from side to side you will have to draw it up closer towards the cutical maybe almost midway but when finished i love them
They look absolutely ridiculous!


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