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is there something portable i can use to store my nail supplies and equipment?

hey gals, i was wondering if anyone knows of anything that i can use to store my nail supplies and equipment that is PORTABLE and easy to bring around. As of now, i have 30+ nail polishes and counting, acrylic supplies, brushes, drill, liquids, etc. I go out of town a lot and need something big enough to fit everything.


is there such thing?

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Google "beauty boxes", "rolling makeup cases", "Groomers supply" etc. You will find lots of things. I chose to go with 3. Two medium size cases and one large case. One medium case for L&P Acrylic/wrap enhancment items, one medium for Gel ehancment items and the large one for natural nail/pedicure items. That way at each appointment on the road, I only have to take in the case that I need and not the whole lot. They also fit better in my car this way.

can you please send me a picture of you cases. i would like to see how you have you things arrange. if its not to much to ask. thank you =)



I will try to remember to take pics Monday when I go back into the shop and post them.

try this link,ebay sells them... and in different colors.  Worth having it... good luck

You can get a small cosmetic box.

i have one that is a very tall beauty box on wheels. ideal and stores my 60+ nail polishes as well as uv lamp, gel, acrylicipots, and vast collection of nail art stuff lol . very handy with diff compartments. from memory it was only £40 for a tall one instead of the small box pic thats been posted. depends how much space you need tho ;-) hope this helps x


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