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Marlene's Practical Advise for Nail Techs : Practice,Practice, Practice

Here is a short interview with Marlene Solis.  A dedicated mom, wife, and nail tech.  She enjoys what he does and her passion for nail art is endless.  

Here is her story: I live in Hanford Ca, I am married and have 3 beautiful daughters, 2 have special needs my family is my everything, I went to Lawrence beauty college in Hanford, I've been doing nails now for almost 4 years.  I was a stay at home mom for 10 years and always loved when I got my nails done, it facinated me, so I went for it, I love it, and my clients I think I have wonderful clients and they have turned into friends, I enjoy my job talking with my clients they call me there therapist, lol. 

They say when it is there appt time, it's there therapy session, the only dislike I probably have is new clients that think that it's okay to not show up or call if they won't be coming to there appt. I have my own shop my husband is very handy I love my shop, and currently have wow I don't honestly know how many clients, at least 7 a day I work sometimes 9 to 8, makes for a long day. In 5 years I am hoping to be doing what i'm doing now, and still enjoying every minute of it. My advice would be to practice, practice, practice. I still have issues with nail art, not to good at it, would love to learn how to do flowers. lol. 

My favorite polish I would say is OPI, and my inspiration if my client asks for something I try to give them different, and some turn out better then others. lol. I have to say that this nail site is awesome and very good for all nail techs weither you just started doing nails or been doing them for 10 years love everyones ideas. Thank you

Great job on your career Marlene, we are delighted to have you here on our website!
Don't forget to check out here work!

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great does take alot to handle the life she has with the children with the special needs...i know first hand from family that that in itself is a hard to cope with...but also is deff an inspiration point. from the pics that i see i would deff not think that there was a problem with nail art. Marlene has great work..and im deff with her on learning to do flowers lol....on a closing note with all that she has to deal with she makes it work just beautifully.....i absolutely enjoyed reading this...
Thank you for the inspiration,Marlene! I pray to have my own nail boutique after lots of training and building a clientel. I have a cosmetology license and am stepping away from hair to do my real passion fulltime.As far as the nail art lol...I would looooove to be able to do nail art like that! :) In due time. Your story in a whole, is encouraging...well worth reading. Be blessed.


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