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Great clear video! I need to find that brush! It's not in english tho lol


(and dont drill on natural nails lol)

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JMO mind you, but I can't see where that big a brush is healthy. It has to be gettin product all over the skin repeatedly which would lead to contact dermatitis.
It seemed like he was doin a good job on not getting product on the skin to me...your right tho, with it being a big brush like that...maybe the brush dosent have to be that big to do the one ball...Definity not a beginners technique lol
If you have a round or oval #8 brush, you can go to youtube and search for nailzoo. Carl has a tut on there on how to reshape your brush for this method.
Yeah I saw that. I love his videos.
used his method to reshape my brush, and I love it!!
Poochie has an one ball method video on youtube too, and it's in English (lol)
I worked with a guy once that had a brush like that and did one ball method...he did get a bit on the skin and I asked him about it. He didn't seem too worried, just said it was the way he was taught. Boy could he do a set in a hurry though, start to finish in about 45 minutes. Only problem was they were pretty flat, no strength in the stress zone :(
I agree with beverly they really dont have enough shape in the stress zone, but i guess if you were to use a product (such as CND) that imade for thin nail applications they would be just as strong. I got my brushes on ebay 2 for $20 one is a 14 and one is a 16 both oval and I love them!!!
That is a nice brush, but way too big for the size of the nails he’s doing, which is why he’s slopping all that monomer on the skin and flooding her cuticles. Repeated contact with monomer will cause the nail plate to separate from the nail bed. It’s not pretty. The size of the nails you are servicing should always reflect what size brush to use. Those tiny nails need nothing bigger then a #8. But please add a post if anyone finds a brush like this one… I too have been looking. Sadly, with my nails as long as they are and wide nail beds too, I can't do the one bead method with my own. But I could with a brush that size. : )
got mine from ebay 2 for $20 or they also have them on for a pretty good price.
I would highly advise avoiding ever using a brush larger than a #10 unless everyone of their nails are the size of a big toe. LOL. Not only does this brush make it hard to control where the product is and isn't going, as you can see from the videos the brush is FULL of monomer and he re-dips for more monomer. These brushes waste sooo much monomer, and we all know how expensive monomer is! And the nails are flat, ugly and shapeless.

Try a Young Nails Need 4 Speed Class. They will teach you how to use a #8 brush to do a full set of P/W Sculpts in 45 minutes. With only 2 beads, one for pink, one for white. They will be the most beautiful and balanced nails you have ever seen. Check out their tutorials on

Ladies it can be done! A giant brush isn't the answer!
Hello ladies. Please allow me to chime in a little on this discussion. I will say that initially when I started to do nails in 1992, I used to look at the different videos and try to mimic the way othrs did their nails. Now 18 years later I have learned that nails is not a robot science. Meaning there is no one way to create beautiful nails. I currently use a size 16 and 20 brush for nails and have mastered the applicatioon using both of these brush sizes. I do not overflow the cuticle nor do I over expose. Now I will say I have used TT large custom(great brush btw, I still use it time to time) but mostly the sizes I mentioned above. I here all types of philosophical views of why not to use this brush . But I have realized through experience that what I may not be able to make work another tech can. I respect all technicians and their techniques. There is not a one way to get to building a beautiful nail. One thing for sure it takes practice, persistence and love for the business. If you have all of these you are on your way. I have been through the lifting, throwing out new product and trying different primers and brushes and tips and everything under the sun to get my nails right over the years. But when I decided to do what worked for me and perfect that . I became very happy with my work. I have a huge clientele and have never advertised all of my customers come from word of mouth. Not perfect but pursuing perfection. I know my comment is long but thought I might say this. Overall I think his work is fine. He is actually using the brush I use. I used to have alot of lifting when I used a smaller brush. I alleviated that when I increased the size brush I used because i was a ltitle heavy with the liquid and the smaller brush did not hold the liquid it released it on the nails. Whereas the large brush holds it in the belly. so it is a great difference.


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