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Hey guys! I know i havent been on in awhile.. but i have now finally gotten an apprenticeship and i am now pursuning my dream of being a "real" nail tech with Merle Norman!  I have this website to thank so much because the only way i was founded was by advertising my work online, and all the help everyone has given me on here over the years!!


I now try to advertise on facebook, because its a great way for people locally to see my work. And its also a fast and easy way for me to let people know whats new in my salon and show new and updated work.


So if anyone who has a facebook on here please become a fan of mine. Im trying to reach a high number!!  If anyone has a page on facebook of their own i would gladly become a fan or yours aswell! :)


Everyone keep up the great work!!!  I love seeing everyones creativity through nail art!!!






Thank you,

Kari Elizabeth

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thank you sweety! :)


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