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I need a new nail drill anyone know what brand or type are good and will last a long time... And websites to check them out will be very very helpfull thank you...

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I just purchased the Kupa Supwe  UP 200 and I love it.  It's pretty expensive but it is so light and quiet and runs so smoothly I figured it's worth it in the long run.  I had a medicool one and hated it. It was inexpensive and it showed.  It would change speeds on me all the time and would heat up really quickly and the hand piece was heavier than the Kupa one I just purchased. I found my drill at  They seemed to have the best price on the internet and they shipped it out pretty quickly.
I have used Kupa and Medicool in the past, but since I got my Ram Products RPM Pro--I'm not switching again. I have two desktop models with foot pedals and can not wait to get the cordless model for my travel days. Lightweight, very quiet, heavy duty for long term use, no vibration, easy switchout of bits, just a great machine. Google Ram Products and order direct from them. (they also make the drills used in dentistry)

I like Ram Products nail drills too.  You can get better prices and customer service for these units at

They carry RPM E-file, Primo, Primosa, Mystisa...all of them.  I got my pink Mystisa unit from them, and I love it.  It's affordable and easy to use.

what do my fellow nail techs think of the Mani Pro table top drill>  please give review's I want to learn to do Encapsilation, back -fills for pink and white and othere things for drills.  thank you!

I have this drill currently and it was a great beginner drill. It has smooth stability and it is very easy to use.  It is great for getting into using an efile.  I use it continusly through out the day with out any problems.  The lowest setting if great for using on acrylic fills, prior to adding new acrylic.  I enjoyed it but im upgrading to a kupa 2g unit


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