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Hello everyone. I was wondering if you anyone could give me some good sites were i could go on to buy gems, large and small rhinestones, feathers, and all that will make my nail art get better. Ive seen some beautiful pics on here wih very large rhinestones , but around here in this small town with dont have a arts and craft store. thank you !

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Hey go to or premier nails they have everything you need and they do cod
I get my swarovsky from
they are the Crystal AB flatback and they sell them in different sizes and different
quantities. Any questions just ask me
And they shipp FREE
You can also try icheals craft store, for some different options, such as the larger rhinestones, and feathers, beads, stickers, etc.
I dont know how is their quality..and i have never shop there.. can have a look^^
Hope it helps~

and this is my website:, look under Nail art, or Nail rhinestones. They come in wheels for like 2 bucks. Super cheap compared to any store that will charge you no less that 7 or 8 bucks for a wheel full of stones.


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