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The Subject of Infection and how you consult a client and treat the problem?

I get a lot of new clients that come in with problem nails, infected nails, etc. and my thing is that they had a nail tech who never brought to their attention their situation, which I totally feel is a dis-service to the client.
So I was just wondering what other techs view is on this topic, so do leave your feed back whether you’re a tech who consults with your clients or even if you’re a tech- I do the job they asked for. Thanks so much all feed back is appreciated.

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It is illegal in the US to work on unhealthy nails. It is our responibility to ourselves, our other clients and the potential client to be safe. We should all let the client know in the gentlest way possible of what we suspect and that they need to see a doctor. Once they have been to a doctor, have been diagnosed and treated, they can then bring back proof of that treatment and you will be happy to work on them.


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