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What for when people first put colors and pictures on the nail? What's the time?

We can trace back to ancient Egypt to see the history of nail care. According to Ancient writings, women and even men should put rouge on their cheeks, paint around their eyes and redden the palms of their hands and nails by using henna. After three thousand years, people found gold manicure tools in Egyptian tombs. To Ancient Egypt, having long and red nails showed that they were free from labor. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt declared that red nail coloring was only allowed to be worn by nobles.


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The people of China associated long nails with nobility, so the men of high status would grow their nails very long.

Each country has its own history of nail care, it seems that they have a same meaning: It shows beauty and status in ancient times.


So how much do you know about your(guys from different countries) nail care history?


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