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I'm trying to gather information on what people want to see and learn in tutorials. I know alot of people on this site are new to this, and are trying to look for information and advice.

If anyone has any ideas or comments, please feel free to share! :D

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I LOVE tutorials! All types. Video and pictorial. I like them better if they are filmed from the front slightly high--looking down on the work being done. I feel this gives the best angle for the viewer to see what is going on. I also like to see a list of tools used--names of them, so I'm not guessing.
My favorite tuts are on artwork, I like to see how they are holding the brush, what type of brush they are using, the brushstrokes, what medium is used (ie: paint, acrylic, gel, glitter, etc).
Second are the style tuts on new nail shapes, I like to see how they are applying the forms, what forms they are using, if they are pre-folding them, etc.
Third are the technique tuts. New and easier ways to come up with the perfect smile line or apex with the latest products.
I know this is long and pretty particular--but you asked! LOL!
No, no, that was great. I'm really glad you were so detailed about it. This gives me something to go by when I create my next tutorials. Thanks so much. Keep an eye out for new things.
I like to see fancy nail art...mainly 3D and encasing of different objects. I've seen lots of things encased in nails (money, candy wrappers, jewels, chains, small portraits) and would love to actually see it done.
how about one on either the snow globe nail or the water bubble nail... same premise just different insides.
I am working on a water nail slideshow this week. Maybe I will slip in the water bubble since I have that stuff too.


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