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Users, Please don't use this website to promote your products or websites

I have been noticing that a lot of people are using this website to promote their websites or products.  I wanted to make this blog post to make a stop to these marketing strategies.  There are other ways to promote your website, please do not try to abuse the system here.


Please understand that this website is dedicated to the learning and appreciation of nail art.  

Thank you 

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Why Don't Spammers get a life

Hello members,

We have been attacked by a silly spammer that put these silly ads about some medical products on August 31 2011. We were notified by NARC Nails about the spamming event.  We would like to take this opportunity to thanks NARC Nails for her quick action.  We apologize for the spamming ads.

Spammers are our enemy members, they…


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Add Your Names to Your photos Tool

Hello members,

We have integrated a special feature for you to put your names on the photos. This great feature will allow you to prevent anyone form copying your art work...

This is how you access this feature:

1. Go to any photo that you have uploaded

2. Place your mouse near the top of that photo and you will see "PHOTO STICKERS AND EFFECTS"

3. Click on it and a tool bar will pop out for you edit your photos (this pop-out could be moved)

4. After you have… Continue

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Cool Art Video With Coffee

Here is something that I found on the internet.  I thought was pretty cool to see.

Hope you guys like it


Added by jack on July 2, 2011 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

New Feature for Users

Hello members,

We have improved the favorite feature to make thing easier for you to mark what you like and show your friends.

-Click on the favorite button to mark something that you like.

-Keep track of what you have liked by going to My Page > My Favorites (located on the left menu)


Let us know what you think members.

Enjoy and have fun.


Added by jack on April 21, 2011 at 8:43pm — 5 Comments

Requirements for Nail Tech in California



1. How many hours are needed to qualify to take the State Board examinations?

Cosmetologist = 1600 hours, Barber = 1500 hours, Esthetician = 600 hours, Electrologist = 600 hours,  

Manicurist = 400 hours.

2. Can the State Board examination be taken if the required hours have not been…


Added by jack on March 10, 2011 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Flip Flops are comfortable, but there are side effects

Some Tips about wearing Flip Flop

Problem: They can lead to serious sole, heel, and ankle problems with prolonged use.

Flip-Flops Bad For FeetBy Christopher Wanjek, Special to LiveScience

Auburn University biomechanics doctoral student Justin Shroyer places reflective markers…

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Update Facebook & Twitter through CoolNailsArt

hello members,

Did you know that you can update your Facebook and Twitter directly from your account?

This mean that whatever status comment you post here could be linked through your Facebook and Twitter account. It saves you the hassle of repetitive work!

Here is how you do it:

1.Go to your My Page at

2.Type your message in… Continue

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Beautiful Art of Cities Around the World

There are many forms of art and the beauty of art is all around us. People may have various way to appreciate art, I accidentally came across these beautiful shots captured by the photographer: Andrey Pomyantovskiy. The photos are of cities all around the world. Check them out and see what you think!




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Happy Thanksgiving CoolNailsArt Members

The year 2010 is going to end pretty soon, but it is not over yet until we eat the turkeys this Thanksgiving. It is a great holiday for people who still have family around them. Give thanks to what you have received and always try to give as much as you have been given to. Enjoy this lovely holiday around your love ones and create some fun memories that you will look back on when thanksgiving come around next year.

My gift to you for this wonderful holiday is this fun and friendly… Continue

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Five Popular Business Values for Nail Service

There are no successful businesses out there that do not have values. These traits define who the business owner is and how he or she operate the business. You may think that these classic values have been over used, but if you think hard enough, the sole reason that they have been used over and over again because they actually work.

1. Respect - Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Try to uphold your… Continue

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New update for the website as of Nov-2010

Hello members,

We have added a new feature for the website! It's called Social Login. It is a special feature that allow anyone with a Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account to log into the website.

This simple feature makes it easy for people get involved in the community. People do not have to create numerous accounts and have no time to remember them…

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Help Control Spamming and Unprofessional Comments

Members have been receiving a lot of spams and silly comments from disturbing members. We wanted to promise everyone that we will make this website as clean and purest as possible. Please help us just reporting any spamming activities! We are here for everyone so please let us know if you need any help. We wanted to apologize to members that received the spams and want to let the spammers know that we will not tolerate such behavior...As of for know..take care and have fun!

Thank you… Continue

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A shopping Area for Members

Hello friends,

I am excited to let you know that has recently put

together a small Gifts and Nail Supplies shop for you to check out. It

has been set up to make it more fun for members and a great way for us

to raise money for the website...My ultimate goal is to raise enough

money and give away free gifts for members...

The link is at below:…


Added by jack on June 23, 2010 at 11:53am — 2 Comments

Make Donation to Win Prizes

As I was trying to create more fun and excitements for the website, I have created the donation box to raise money for give away gifts at this website. Here are a few things that you should know about the donation.

Special Sponsorships:

If you make any donation - Your name will be mentioned on the website, and your email will be kept to enter into a special drawing contest.…


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CoolNailsArt is giving Away Free Google voice Account - Fun Contest

hello everyone,

We are giving away a free Google Voice Account, do you want it?

-What is a Google Voice account?

It is basically an online phone number that is permanently your. You can call people, people can call you and

be forwarded to any number you like.
Yup, that is right, you get

to pick your own phone number, and keep it as long as google is… Continue

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CoolNailsArt Update as of march-8-2010

We have implemented Google translation tool to make it easy for everyone around the world to check out the contents of this website. The obssession for nail art is within all of us regardless of where we are on this planet. Our main intent for creating this feature is help people communicate better regardless of the language barrier.

**2-7-2010 Photo Tags Cloud have been implemented, remember to tag your photos when upload..have fun!

Have fun!

Added by jack on March 8, 2010 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

How to Connect with people in your area

Hello members,

I have come across a lot of questions regarding issues about finding supplies and tutorial classes about nail art. Some of these questions are related to a specific geographic area, sometimes i really want to help the individual but the there is no ways i could help because i am not in the area. Therefore, i strong encourage members to use member map, to show other members where they are located.....Just in case new members wanted to seek out other…

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Website Update as of Feb-5-210

The year of 2010 will be a year of new ideas here at, we have been bouncing ideas behind the scene and today we would like to take a little minute or so to reveal some of the upcoming features for coolnailsart. We have the following ideas to make this website more fun, helpful, and educational for our members.

List of ideas:

1.A supply/gift shop. The shop will have a wide range of supplies for beginners to professionals.… Continue

Added by jack on February 4, 2010 at 9:37pm — 3 Comments

Updates About Coolnailsart

*December 10, 2009 - exactly 1000 active members!

*November 30, 2009 - 945 active members

*Oct. -17-2009 - We now have 777 active members.

*September-5-2009 We are gaining more and more members. 740 active members as of today.

*September-1-2009 We have reached 600 members in the community...Yippie!

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