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i had a lady come in monday soaked off her nails and put a new set on. they turned out nice but the next day she called and said her middle finger was sore and swollen, and brused..very confused about this. she does break her nails offten..i told her that her nail plate might maybe to thin from the breaks in the past..but when i seen them they looked good..

 has this happend to anyone els or know what might of happend?

               thanx so much Peggy

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Comment by Claudia Iacovetto on April 15, 2011 at 6:25am
If it was just one finger, I don't think it was anything you did (unless you grabbed that finger with a vise grip to hold in place! lol). That does not sound like an allergic reaction to anything because of the bruising and because it was just one finger. I think she smashed it.

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